Our Wedding – Some Details!

All photos by www.thebigdayblog.com

I LOVED my wedding dress. It was quite an ordeal actually getting it (I think I got it the week before the wedding), but it ended up worth all the commotion. It was absolutely exactly what I dreamed of wearing on my wedding day, and my John loved it! It was the perfect mix of class and lace, was not heavy at all, it was comfy, and I didn’t have to wear spanx! Hooray!


Mom’s ring – I tried to wear it, but my fingers were a bit swollen.

My purple shoes – yes, from Target. Cha-china. They did have big purple flowers on the front, but I pulled the stitches out and wa-la! Purple wedding shoes. If you look closely you can see the circle from the flower stitches, but it didn’t really bother me.

John made me this back when we started dating. The words are from one of my blog posts.

Danielle made this! Awesome, isn’t it?!?

This candle was made by Kendall, my best friend growing up. Kendall passed away the summer before 4th grade, but she still was definitely an important part of our ceremony. This candle was lit on the altar table.

An old Foshee family Bible.

Aunt Becky, my Godmother, made this cute jewelry holder for me – and one for each of my bridesmaids. They were a big hit, and an extra special addition to to our day.


Granny made us the ring bearer’s pillow. We keep it on our bed now!


Grandpa made the wooden cake stand to elevate the cake. The silver tray belongs to Grandmama and Grandaddy. The cake was from a local Italian bakery – the man that started the bakery was a village baker in Italy – his family still runs it and does all the baking. It was italian wedding cake with two fillings. Honestly though, the Publix sheet cakes tasted better. Luckily it was really really pretty!

3 thoughts on “Our Wedding – Some Details!

    1. Thank you, but I can’t take the credit for the wedding related photos (link is at the top of the blog posts) – my wedding photographers did those!


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