Our One Moth Wedding Anniversary

We took a lovely walk on the beach yesterday to celebrate our one month anniversary. The waves were surprisingly calm. People were doing yoga. We were the only people without dogs. and we enjoyed the cool sand in our toes. We are looking forward to longer evenings and warmer weather  so we can take walks on the beach on weekdays! A month later–our bathroom is organized, a new washer and a new dryer have been purchased, a smoker has been purchased, my closet is still a mess, we still have a pile of wedding gifts in our living room, the vertical blinds are still hanging (yuck), and we’re already out of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons. There’s the short list. haha – we are LOVING married life, and cannot BELIEVE it’s already been ONE MONTH. Today – one month ago – we were on the plane headed to London. Ah, the memories!

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