A New Day!!!

My head is in cloud-9, my feet not touching the ground.  We’re both still completely overwhelmed by the love and support we experienced last night. In the midst of the greatest day of our lives together, people came  to celebrate. To celebrate our love, yes, but in celebrating love we also celebrated life. Good, good life. The good, good life that believes in hope and is fueled by joy. Much, much abiding joy. We’re full of hope and joy, and live a good, good life indeed.

We’re married, baby, and we’re head away for a week. By ourselves. No cell phones. A computer-but just for uploading photos. The adventure of a lifetime! adventure. Can’t wait!

A HUGE thank you to all our friends and family, especially those who were a part of our big day and traveled from afar to be with us. We really, really appreciate your love and support.

You can watch our wedding video already (thanks to my awesome brother) at http://www.fosheefam.com. Visit my facebook page and look for a post by my brother that lists how to watch (browsers that work, etc).

Celebrate with us! This song was our last dance (and the bad word didn’t get fuzzed over..oops). 🙂

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