3 Weeks: A Change!

Three more Wednesday nights until I move into our home.

I’m currently sitting on the couch in my parent’s living room. With my mom. Eating soup. Watching House Hunters on HGTV (although I bet she’s already seen this episode). We’re both sick, and I realize this might one of the last times we are sick and eating soup together in the living room. Mostly because that’s generally something you do in your home. And I will soon be moving into a new home. The washer just beeped. She jumped up in a matter of seconds. She is the super-laundry woman, I tell ya! Hope I can live up to that….

In three weeks and a day I’ll be a WIFE. Woo. So, so, so exciting, I can hardly wait. Crazy to believe that in the matter of less than an hour in three weeks, so much of my life will change. I’ll go home that night to our home. Have my own bathroom sink. My own laundry closet, my own china cabinet and my own dishes. [No longer will my fiance stroll through Publix alone and text me items we HAVE to add to our registry because we NEED them (as he just did a few minutes ago…).]  Home will be a different place, and while it’s all crazy exiting and I’m definitely looking forward to having our space, having our house to clean (not that I don’t already do that…), our bed to make (not that I don’t make it every time I’m at our house…), our dinner to cook (John will actually probably cook most of the meals…he is a wonderful chef), it’s weird to think that everything will change so fast. I walk around my parents’ house these days taking it all in. Most people don’t live with their parents at my age, well I guess maybe today they’re more likely to than in previous days, but most have gone out on their own by now. I could have, and I almost did, but living with my parents has been a very good experience. A major plus has been that it has allowed me to save money, which is helpful in today’s day and age. I’ve longed for my own place for a while now, and come a few weeks, I’ll have it. A mile and a half down the road. With my new family! Yay!!

22 DAYS!!!

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