Saving $$$

I like to be organized. Not everything in my life is, but most is fairly organized. Minus my room and Brian’s room–they’re currently swamped with wedding stuff and/or stuff that I have moved to put wedding stuff in its place. So the is the garage. At least I know where everything is, right?

Going with organization (and forgetting about the current state of wedding items)I love the art of “couponing”–the organization involved, the whole “list making” part to it, the cutting out and separating into piles. I’m weird, I know, but I love it. And I love to save money. It’s a win win.

I think Sunday will be my “shopping day.” It’s the first day for CVS, Walgreens, and Target ads (I think that’s right for Target), and mid-Publix ad. So I can get all the deals I need for that week in one day. It worked yesterday.

I saved my receipts this time. Actually I have been ever since I posted about couponing last. Everything I bought is something we would normally buy. I stock up on some items, but don’t tend to buy mass quantities unless it’s a really good deal. We don’t have THAT much room in the house. I had to do two separate transactions at Publix because the cashier wouldn’t take my Target coupons. I kindly asked her to void the coupon-related items and took them to the service counter, where they let me use the Target coupons. John loves it. He pushes the cart and goes with the flow. I try not to be OCD about the whole thing–and I haven’t mastered the aisles at the Publix near his (soon to be our) house, but that will come soon. We actually have a lot of fun–and John loves watching the “savings” total increase on the Publix checkout monitor. It’s like he’s winning the lottery–rather humorous.

Total spent: $79.52

Total saved: $61.98

Sites I use: (her coupon database is awesome) & (you can print off lists and learn the art of saving at CVS–she always makes shows sample examples). Sometime later when I actually get the hang of what I’m doing and am able to explain it, I’ll attempt so maybe YOU can save some $$, too!

Deal of the weekend: I got $27 off a Crest 3D Professional Whitening pack for pre-wedding teeth whitening. Holla. And–if you use Reach floss–there are $1 coupons for Reach floating around that have been around for a while. The floss is $.89 at Target, so it’s a money maker and doesn’t involve much thought.

I would like to see my “total saved” outdo my “total spent.” Maybe next weekend…after I return from the-middle-of-nowhere, Texas for a work trip. There may be a picture of rattlesnake skins in my next post–you never know.

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