Ahhhh, it’s October

October is here. Which means fall is here, right? I mean, the temperature dips into the high 70s at 5am (which I am not up for), which makes for a semi-cool morning. Which means fall is here!!!!

So, today, in honor of “fall,” we…did what we do here when any season changes (ha)…we went to the beach…because that’s what happens.


Packed sandwiches & snacks. Enjoyed the beach and the beautiful weather. Relaxed.

And then–on the way home–we saw THE BEST THING EVER.


That’s right–a two seater car with a tv in the back window–so all the passer-bys can watch, I guess?! Really necessary.

But, humorous.

Welcome, October. Lots of excitement happening this month! The cool[er] weather isn’t so bad, either!

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