Weekend Publix Trips

I wish I had pictures. I don’t. I wish I could itemize out everything I bought but–I don’t save receipts.

Saturday I went to Publix. Spent $20.something. Saved $28.something
(included 6 boxes of pasta, 2 laundry detergents, 3 bottles of V8 Fusion juice, 5 cans of mandarin oranges, and a few other things)

Sunday I went to Publix. Spent $6. Saved $23.89. I only remember these numbers, because I texted Danielle out of excitement.
(included 2 more bottles of laundry detergent, 2 more bottles of V8 Fusion juice, and one other thing that I can’t remember…)

Grand total Spent: $26.something

Grand total saved: At least $51.89

I’m clapping. Right now.

Two things: Coupons are glorious. And I should save receipts. It’s much more exciting.

Oh, and we also spent last week visiting Michael’s numerous times using their 50% off coupons (score one fore the week of discounts!) buying all the supplies for our wedding reception decorations. Sunday from 4pm-8pm there was an extra 15% off of all sale prices–so we bought all we couldn’t buy with the 50% coupons (things that were on sale) then. I’ll give you a hint: We have 44 grapevine wreaths of various sizes sitting in the garage. Including 10 teeny tiny ones. We like wreaths, can you tell? We have a lot of ground to cover, can you tell?

We also bought John’s SUIT (!!) for the wedding this past weekend. It’s from Macy’s. Was on sale. Plus we had a 20% off coupon. Plus we get 20% back in the form of a gift card for a few various reasons.  One being that we have a Macy’s Gift registry, the other being that we are enrolled in a “Thanks for Sharing” program that has already paid for itself twice. Meaning it made sense to enroll in the program. It’s very spiffy. He also got another work suit and a few pair of tan slacks (since tan dress pants aren’t “khakis”). We saved over $500 at Macy’s.  I saved receipts for this purchase.

So, it’s been a past week and a half of, yes, spending money, but saving a heck of a lot of money and getting a ton of great deals. YAY!

Happy Wednesday!

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