The Bright Side

I’m out of town on business in the  industry-favorite/my not-so-favorite location – Vegas. Every other year the main industry  tradeshow is here.  There’s one other meeting that is generally held here every year. I’ll spare you details because they just give too many details about my whereabouts  that too many random people might read, BUT I am in Vegas. It’s VERY smoky, it’s hot , and it’s noisy (there’s a live concert going on somewhere I can hear), but, on the bright side, it is absolutely gorgeous outside. The red/orange canyon rock/mountains in the not-so-far distance, the bright blue sky today, the stunning lights at night. It’s really quite a view to take in (when you remove the random people not wearing enough clothing and the definite tourist people with plaid shorts and Hawaiian shirts). Someone wore the latter outfit to the tradeshow today. Classy. Classy. There was also someone dressed like Elivs, but there’s no surprise there.

After a long, annoying flight process (changing airlines, flight times, and routes), I made it here in the wee hours of the morning. After a day full of the tradeshow regime, I’m EXHAUSTED. Tomorrow is another full day (although not as early of a day) that hopefully will show more booth traffic and lots of sales leads! The first day is always a doosie–lots of meetings going on, etc means less people on the tradeshow floor. My first-ever brochure is on display here, which I think is pretty darn cool. Something I am passionate about–creating–that has been printed by the truckload (so it seems) for the masses. Nerve-racking and cool all at the same time! I’ve already made a list of things I want to change for the next go-round, but for the first printing, I’m pretty darn satisfied if I do say so myself. It’s been a full day of talking, meeting people, putting faces to names–I really do love the relational aspect of a tradeshow. I met a ton of people today. It’s exhausting, but at the end of the day– I have realized meeting people is very fulfilling to me. Sure, I may not remember faces in another 2 weeks and may never talk to 3/4 of the people again in my career, and I may never attend this show again to see their face, but holding simple conversations with people from all over the world–all with a different story–is something I really enjoy. My favorite part is asking people to tell me what they do. They generally respond with something work related (as, we are at a work-related tradeshow), but when they ask back I tell them work and beyond, which leads to a conversation that isn’t just about the technical aspects of glass. It usually involves them asking how to pronounce my last time and them saying “people probably mispronounce your name all the time.” This all gives me the opportunity to throw in the fact that my name is in fact changing soon, so the awkward pronunciations will now become a completely new name. Which is then prime opportunity to flash this sparkly ring I have on my finger! he he! Generally the first things people found out about me today was, in this order: my name is Sara, no you did not pronounce my last name right, I’m getting married in December. Someone asked me what I want to do when I grow up, which I thought was pretty cool. That answer is easy. Photography will be my work someday.  Maybe soon?  My fortune cookie from dinner says “tomorrow your creative side will shine forth with exceptional ideas.” Hmmm..

I am racking up on the recycled bags, Mom, I’m bringing home more than you probably want! As usual, I wandered around this afternoon a bit after the show just to relax, de-brief, and take a few photos. Trying to take in what I can manage in my semi-asleep-but-shouldn’t-go-to-bed-yet state. Oh, how I wish I had time to take a short road trip to the Grand Canyon or even Bryce Canyon. I am so so glad my parents drug us crazy kids out here in a motorhome for a month-long tour de out-west a while back. One of my favorite trips. Ever. So, so beautiful. Here’s to making the best of a not-really-for-me location and taking in the magnificent view.


Much peace and joy,

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