Happy Labor Day Weekend!

A 3-day weekend. Glorious!!!! We are busy today doing housework. John’s house is coming together really nicely! We finally hired someone to take down wallpaper and paint the living room/kitchen/stair well. We tried to do it ourselves, but it wound up taking a LOT of time–so we figured we should get someone who a. knows what they’re doing and b. can do it in one-sixteenth of a time. So, that’s what we’ve done–and thankfully so! It’s been a bit of a conglomeration of ugly, peeling wallpaper from the 70s, random paint colors, and an attempt at painting the living room once (and figuring out we didn’t pick the right color…shocker) for the past year. We’re finally getting things together. We bought a bookshelf for the living room and have thrown out/re-organized a bunch of stuff.  Next will be to re-doing closets and storage spaces (shelves, etc) to maximize every bit of space we have!

John’s birthday was this past Wednesday. We celebrated Wednesday night by having dinner with the kids and then celebrated last night with dinner at my parent’s house. Pulled pork (dad grilled it for 19 hours–yummmmmmmmm); baked beans; cole slaw; a greek salad mixture of artichoke hearts, heart of palm, green beans, feta cheese, and some spice s(a yummy recipe from a dear friend and one of John’s new favorite side dishes); and a YUMMY strawberry cake (a recipe from my cousin/aunt). Lots of John’s favorites and a fun family time.


Dad made some awesome pizza Thursday night.


In other news, wedding cakes have been tasted, picked out, and ordered! Hooray! We’ve been working on tie options this week-and next will be to make final decisions on flowers! Woo hoo!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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