Memories: A Childhood Friend

I’m a bit (ok, a lot) behind in blogging, but something really fun happened a few weekends ago. Hollee visited. I’ve known Hollee since the 5th grade. We went to school with each other from 5th grade-12th and lived not too far from each other. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at each other’s houses annoying our parents and probably either talking and/or eating a lot. Or both. We reminisced of the days when AIM was just becoming “cool.” AOL was the only want to get on the internet (that we knew of). The first time I ever hung out with Hollee we went bike riding. The next thing I know, I’m on the ground with blood pouring out of  gaping hole in the back of my knee. We had a blast, obviously. I got my first and only round of stitches, but it didn’t keep us from being friends. We each were our parents “other daughter” (or red-headed step child, in my case). We always had big plans. I did a bit of digging through the countless boxes of “stuff” I have–and look what I found. This is Hollee’s handwriting–I was always envious of her handwriting (which my awesome Friendship Fill-In Book mentions). There was going to be a carnival–I suppose. A carnival that included ducks (not sure where we were going to get ducks?)–but WWJD bracelets weren’t going to be a prize because they were too valuable. Bubbles–eh, maybe. As you can see, we only had a few items. I’m not sure where we were planning to get the rest. Probably our parents–and that might be why this carnival never happened. Dang, those rub off tattoos would have been AWESOME. Would have been one heck of a carnival.

DSC_4685 DSC_4684
Here’s that Friendship Fill-In Book. Classic. Oldie but goodie. WHY DID I HAVE THIS THING?!?! Probably because now it’s quite (ok, actually REALLY) hilarious.

DSC_4696 DSC_4697

More Memories. Don’t hate. We actually went to Target the other weekend to find the new Hanson CD. Didn’t find it.


But we DID find the Best of the Backstreet Boys CD. We listened to it. Non-stop. Was really humorous. We also bought a TON of M&Ms and other really necessary items.


This is what Hollee wrote in one of my middle school yearbooks–deep. Very deep.


We had a blast. Catching up. Laughing. A Lot. As if we have been hanging out all this time. We hadn’t seen each other in probably close to 4 years. (Hi Mom–thanks for letting us cruise around in your car).

After the 80th try, she got a picture.

Then Price came home and was Mr. Entertainment. He used to call Hollee Howwwwwweeeeeee. They were buds. We used to lock him out of my room. It happened.

DSC_4584 DSC_4586 DSC_4587 DSC_4587 DSC_4588 DSC_4590

We went on a tour of downtown. Hollee will now take us all on a pictorial tour of a lot of random sights. Including the toll pass on my windshield. And the thermometer showing 101degrees.

DSC_4594 DSC_4598 DSC_4599 DSC_4600 DSC_4601 DSC_4603 DSC_4605 DSC_4607 DSC_4608 DSC_4610 DSC_4611 DSC_4612 DSC_4613 DSC_4614 DSC_4619 DSC_4621 DSC_4625 DSC_4628

We had SO MUCH FUN. So so so glad you came, Hol, and so glad we got to spend the weekend together. Thanks for your engagement photo wardrobe help and wedding decor advice. We should always spend a weekend together every once in a while!


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