We’re Engaged: Photo Peek

I have no words, but I will attempt. Some thought we were crazy for wanting engagement photos. Why would we spend money for pictures of us when we’re spending money for wedding pictures? Why not just have anyone take a picture of you two to use for save the dates? Why not just go out front and take a picture in front of palm trees? Because they wouldn’t look like this. Because I am crazy and bring props to photo shoots. Because only a creative genius could make my thoughts turn into incredible photographs. Because we love pictures. Because we love pictures of us (and before this weekend had very few). Because we are in love.

At the very beginning of wedding planning I stated that photography is going to be one of the most important aspects/a main budgetary item/something that I am willing to give up other non-essential spending for. Thanks to a good friend Heather, we have found our photography team. Not 1, but 2 incredible photographers. Not 1 photographer and a 2nd shooter (not that there’s anything wrong with that), 2 photographers. Kimberly Stanton and Eve Greendale. Both incredibly talented. Both who get the importance of images, the value in capturing a moment. Just look at their portfolios–it’s obvious. We were blessed to have an engagement session this weekend with Kim this weekend. We brought the kids along to get some “new family” pictures. WE. HAD. A. BLAST. These pictures are totally us. Kim put the images below up on Facebook yesterday–I have been checking email and Facebook every 5 seconds (or so it seems) waiting for some hint at a sneak peek (I want to use some for save the dates and am itching to get them out, too–but mostly I just wanted to see them). Yesterday I had to run to the post office during work to buy international stamps. While waiting in line I pulled up Kimberly’s page and nearly shreaked right there at the post office. I got a huge smile on my face and almost let the guy behind me go in front of me (but then remembered I had to get back to work).  Then I looked at them. And I should have let the guy go in front of me. I almost cried. Yes, I almost cried. Right there. In the Riviera Beach post office. Over pictures. Because this is how important capturing who we are and this moment of our lives is to me.  Thank you, Kim (in case she reads this). I wish I could express how much all of this means to us. We are so thankful for you and Eve. I had a few props/ideas/pics I wanted for the engagement session–but just wait for the wedding. I’m already starting a list of everything that I want photographed. Thank you for making sure we got everything I suggested. That really meant a lot. You are the bomb.com. Yes I just said that. Go become a fan of their Facebook pages and show them some love. They deserve it. They also just started a blog: the Big Day blog. Sappiness over. On to a few images from Kimberly’s Facebook page.

…..about having no words. Yea, uh…

Full Credit: Kimberly Stanton Photography
The artwork in the first image came from here.

183 days!

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