Today. Today. Today. Is a gift.

Work was work. Good. Very productive. Visited a glass plant. (Plant as in factory, not that glass grows on a plant….). Was neat to see and also was neat to meet some more people at our client’s office. I love meeting people. Saying hello. Shaking hands. Finding out a little bit of information and guessing what else is there. I’m a definite people watcher and definitely try to dig deep from the get-go. Or-maybe it’s the love of psychology in me. That, or the fact that my dad’s a preacher and the love of my life is a psychotherapist? Hm. I’m just around people who are good at knowing-without-knowing people. I digress. Came home for lunch. Spent some time looking at photo blogs (which I could do all day, by the way. If you ever are bored and need websites to visit, I can email you my bookmarks folder. You’ll be stuck for hours), so that was fun. Went for a run after work.  I had noticed a beautiful tree with yellow flowers that I wanted to grab a shot of, so mom and dog then joined me for a walk around the block–during which an electrical fire happened and firetrucks swarmed the neighborhood. And I tried to say hello to a group of neighbors who ignored us completely–didn’t even look at us. Again, I digress. I ended up taking a few shots.

Purple flowers? I’m there. Camera ready. Just not when I was running. I need to figure that out.

DSC_1572 DSC_1573

The yellow flowers–which of course had lost the light by the time I got there. I still think they’re pretty.

DSC_1574 DSC_1582

Some people grow pretty flowers. Others plant fake flowers. Around their mailbox. Yes, this happens in our neighborhood. It’s not picture worthy.
DSC_1585 DSC_1588

And then. Mom spotted this little guy. I only had my prime lens and couldn’t get too too close, so the pictures are bit fuzzy (I cropped them) and terribly exposed, but this little guy let me get some shots of him eating. Must have been hungry!

DSC_1591 DSC_1599

Wildflowers. Wild. Different. Random. Bold. Travel. Wander. Grow. They persevere, those little suckers. They grown in abandoned fields and well-maintained lawns. They go where the wind blows.


And they’re beautiful. Simple. Stunning. Willing to live life just about anywhere. Might not appear to be a wildflower, but oh, it is.

Perhaps I’ll have some people shots soon.

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