Vegas: The Truth

1. Vegas is smoky.

2. Vegas is smoky.

3. Vegas is smoky.

4. Vegas is smoky.

5. Vegas is smoky.

6. I don’t think I’ll go back unless it’s just to see shows and/or travel to and from the Grand Canyon. It’s not my typical vacation place (too many people, WAY TOO SMOKY). I can handle the people at Disney, but Disney isn’t smoky and at least there not everyone walks around with Eiffel Tower daiquiri cups (aka 4 gallons worth) or plastic guitars around their necks (the entire guitar holding liquor–those people were so cool).

7. I was in meetings/seminars most of the time–so not much time to explore or really enjoy the city at all–except for my short rendezvous to the show–which was across the street from my hotel. Walking around Vegas by myself at night doesn’t exactly seem like the best idea (due to the massive amounts of people with liquor-filled plastic guitars around their neck who think they really are famous rockstars).

8. I learned a lot, made some good networking connections, chatted with some clients, and am currently staring at snow-capped mountains at the airport in Salt Lake City. Not too bad. The next decision to be made: what to eat. Choices: chinese, plastic wrapped sandwiches, chinese, doughnuts, chinese, or mix-your-own trail mix. Hmmm…..

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