A Change

Hair=way short. Below is the only picture I have of the new do at the moment.

Yes I am in mid squat. I just kept smiling–a 7 year old was taking my picture.

I think I’m starting to like it. There is NO pony tail in any near future, which is weird, but I’m starting to get over it. Maybe learning to get over the athlete disease (“my hair always has to be up”) is a good thing.

It has, for sure, been a huge change for me. I’m not picky about my hair and I really am not concerned with what I look like, so it hasn’t been a huge problem. Was just a HUGE change. The way I style it looks TOTALLY different than the way it was styled at the salon. In the picture it’s touching my shoulders because I’m leaning over–but it really is way above my shoulders.


So, there’s my recent change.

Today has been a much needed relaxing day. Hope your Sunday was great.

Much Joy.

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