If I was to paint a picture in my head, it would look like this: fall leaves, rolling hills, small stream, small log cabin with a huge front porch, a swing, fire coming out of the chimney….ok ok ok [one can wish]. No really though–right now, I have the perfect picture in my head. And one day I’ll be able to describe it. It’s perfect because it’s not perfect. It’s perfect because it involves people I love. It’s perfect because it’s simple. Trying to explain it to you would be crazy. So mayyyyyybe it does involve a cabin in the hills? kidding.

So, there. Today, my picture of the day is in my head. Where are you at in your head?

Also. I chopped all my hair off. That is all. More on that later.

Bring on Friday (jeans and chucks) and my mid term being OVER. Thank you, Laura, for the reminder that God is so much bigger than any midterm. 🙂

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