Exhausted–but well worth it!

Whew! It’s almost midnight! Almost missed it! Just got home so I’m a bit later today that I hope to be every other day.

Also, I fixed the link to Laura’s blog in the post below in case you’d like to visit! Sorry about that.

Today’s picture of the day (I need to come up with a name for this)–Well, if you don’t already know (you do if you read my blog), you can guess where I was today. I love the colors. The silliness. And even the weird green thing on his head. Sorry if I’m missing some important Disney info. I just love what this image captures–even if it’s just a character’s head.

A beautiful, beautiful, day at Disney with John’s family. It was very crowded (I was surprised), but we still managed to ride everything we wanted to ride, saw the parade, etc. Fun all around. Disney food is pretty darn awesome–can’t forget about that one.


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