Clearly I’m Slacking..

Hello. My name is Sara. I have a blog. That I don’t update regularly. Shame on me.

I would really like to knit. I was at Barnes and Noble the other night and found a book of knitted kids clothes (is that the proper way to say it?). So cute.  Perhaps one day when I have kids I will know how to knit. Perhaps I should learn how to sew first…since I have a sewing machine and all. Anyone want to teach me how to knit? Danielle, we should learn to knit. Together. 29348029384 miles away. I’m pretty sure you’re the only would that would do that with me. haha. The book is only $11something. I’m a B&N member. Maybe I should just buy it? I also have a 50% off coupon..hmm….but then again, it’ll just go on the shelf of random things I collect that one day I will do something with. I feel like that pile is growing. Rapidly.  I collect a lot of random things.

In other news, I did something fun at work this afternoon. I was knee-deep in a few projects and just needed a few minutes to breathe and get away from them. I’m sure we all have those feelings every once in a while. For some reason (you’ll soon find out why), I decided to bring my camera with me to work this morning.  Now, I do this once a week (at least), as I like to keep current pictures of what’s going on at the office for future use (it’ll be important soon–which is exciting), so it’s not totally out of the blue.  Anywho, in the middle of this project I got the grand idea to just get out my camera and go grab some shots.  It was so good. 5 minutes. Really good shots that will be really useful here pretty soon (and a really funny one). I returned to my desk and had about the most productive rest of the day day. Cranked out the end of that project and send a gagillion emails. Got everything done that I absolutely needed done today. It was one of those days that I was almost OK with staying at work for hours and hours beyond when I normally leave. I could have gotten a LOT done.   I should take the photo break more often!

Which is great, except I’m currently procrastinating on my corporate finance homework. Yuck. Wish I was as productive in the homework area!

Check out this article on the “marketing” of Haiti. Interesting.

Yes, I read the Harvard Business Review. I actually prefer it over the WSJ. Speaking of, are you ready to be a change-maker?

Much joy

One thought on “Clearly I’m Slacking..

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