DSC_7429Well, I’ve picked a new background. I think its more “me.”  I generally like bright and cheery things. My old background was mostly black, and although it was pretty sharp looking, I have never really felt it truly reflected “me.”  So, maybe this green works better. It’s simple, it’s clean (I generally take showers), and it has trees. I love nature. I love green. I love eco-friendly things. There you have it. A new background. I love it! I have a few close seconds, though, so I may just make some changes every once in a while.

The past week has been full of celebrations–first, in Tampa this past weekend for my brother Brian’s 21st birthday. It was a week-end long celebration.  [I also studied a lot, but that’s not exciting.] Today is dad’s birthday. Of course people came over and we ate and had cake. Since I am gainfully employed dad got his first “real” [real=I actually spent money on it] present–the new Bose Quiet 15 something or other headphones. Now he can drown out the noise the rest of us around here make. Or listen to music at whatever level he chooses.  Lover-ly. They were Brian’s idea–I can’t take credit.

John is speaking in Dallas this weekend, so in the absence of hot dates I’ll just be studying studying studying. Gearing up for the end of the semester. It’s going to be a L  O  N  G next 5 weeks or so.

Oh, and I now have my own office at work! I LOVE it.  Now I just need to get my diploma framed and get some more prints up and it’ll be nice and cozy. I like being surrounded by bright, inspirational things and people I love. One of my graduation presents from my Grandmama was her desk plate (we have the same name), so now that has a special place. I also was able to move a bunch of my business and marketing related books to the SHELVES in my office. Yes people, I have shelves. Praise Jesus! I am so grateful and can’t wait to make the space “my own.”

Working on new header photo slideshow things. 🙂

Like my new kicks?

Hope you’re having a joy-filled week!


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