Home :)

I’m back home. Atlanta was great!  Lots of work and got to see a Braves game! I successfully did NOT do any school work. Oh well. I have the weekend to do that…

Brian is home from USF. We’ve been planning his surprise arrival for a week or so now.  Granny and Grandpa (from Tampa) are also here–it’s a full house. Mom, Granny, and I are probably going to do mani/pedis and see Julie & Julia tomorrow. Woo hoo!

Dad grilled pizzas on his egg (green egg for those of you that aren’t extreme grill buffs) tonight to celebrate Granny’s bday.  John and the kids joined us.  It was super yummy. He also made a POUNDCAKE. I love poundcake. Yum.

Looking forward to a relaxing & productive weekend! Traveling to Tampa next week for work.A least I’ll get a night with the grents while I’m there–I’m glad I know people all over the place. 🙂

I took ZERO pictures this weekend (surprising, I know), but I do have some awesome recent images to share tomorrow.

Hope all is well.  And a bday shout-out to Laura.  I got to see Bri in ATL–we talked about how much we miss breakfast!

Much joy,

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