KD Bid Day 2009

4 years ago, on one September Sunday, my life changed in a really neat way.  I became a KD.  Back in those days we ran out in one big group down the hill onto the residential quad.  I ran to the group in green, hugged the first person I came to, then realized I was hugging my MOM, who is also a KD–from LaGrange College.  She had surprised me on my bid day and been the first to welcome me into the amazing group of girls that soon bcame the people I trusted, confided in; the people that sometimes annoyed me and made me mad, but untimately pushed me to grow; the people that taught me so much about life, friendship, the spirit of sisterhood. I say my KD experience changed my life because there are so many things I never would have been able to learn or experience had it not been for KD. I never would have been sisters with the girls in the pictures below, the girls that know so much about me and love me for who I am. I never would have met the girls a few years old than me–who really made my LaGrange KD experience what it was. I woudn’t have 2 garbage bags full of t-shirts or bins full of pictures of myself in funny costumes and mostly GREEN. It’s way too hard to put into words. It just…is. And I’m so thankful for it.

I ventured back to LaGrange this past weekend to see my sisters and document Bid Day.  I am so glad I was there to be on the “other side” of recruitment, thankful that there wasn’t anything I had to clean up and there weren’t any late fines!!!!  I got to spend a lot of quality time with a lot of people that mean so much to me.

New girls-get ready for a great experience.  It won’t always easy, the ride won’t always be smooth. Keep on pushin’ on. You’ll grow, mature, and learn so much during your next four years.  I’m sure you’ve already heard it 100 times, but you’ll get out of KD what you put into it.  Welcome. I hope it means all and more to you than it has meant and will always mean to me.

Happy Early National Women’s Friendship Day. I hope you’ve got something fun planned!

This was my bid day. We were a huge chapter back in the day…before football and guys took over LaGrange College.

And these are of Bid Day 2009. A day of fun, excitment, stress, joy, tears, and lots of love.

DSC_6951Seniors 🙂 My two widdle sisturs are graduating 😦


This is Kayla. Oh, sweet Kayla. She was and is the chaplain of the circle.  Thank you for your encouraging words. I know you will do great things in KD.

And Raukisha, my second little sister. 🙂 You crack me up. It was SO good to see you and watch you score a goal!

Jessica-I miss your sweet southern drawwwwwwwwl and funny self.

This is Megan. My fellow tutor and social council member. She now has the last position I had–VP-Operations. How’s that dashboard treating ya? 🙂 She fights for what she believes in and is so so caring.


And Bonnie-my great-grand-little sister. Whoa, I’m old. We’re both legacies. OK! I love you!


Sarah O. (remember when I used to text you in Spanish? We should proabably do that again sometime…)-always in a good mood and willing to help (and she always wears really cute stuff) & Kathryn (who painted the awesome crest you’ll see in a later picture), who is probably the most artsy/creative person I’ve ever met.

DSC_6964These were my “new girls” a few years back. There are only 5 of them that are still at LaGrange. We started with what–like 14? Everyone else transferred! But I still love them 🙂 The 6 week journey  we shared was probably the most intense 6 weeks of my life.   Thank you for your encouragement, support, love, and for teaching me so much about myself and life.

Then I poofed out my hair and jumped in the picture with them. Ha!

Shae, Sara (my first little sister!) and Paige. I think they painted those letters…

The seniors, again.

DSC_6941Current Delta Chi sisters. On our front porch. AOT!

Livy, Veronica, and Cresta. Liv lives in my room. That still is my room. ha!  I also stayed with her all weekend . On, you three mean so much to me. Vron-always believe in yourself. You’re incredible! Cresta, oh Cresta, so many memories. I don’t even know where to start. I’ll probably start crying.  Thanks for being you and pushing me to be me, supporting me, calling me, and pretending we are eating lunch at the caf togheter.  I’m so glad we still talk everyday. You’ll find that dream job–it’s out there! Thank you–for everything!


Ashbi, Kylie, Raukisha–the soccer girls. Who won something like 14-0 on Saturday. Awesome!




MBV brought her precious dogs.

Chating, singing, dancing–waiting on the new girls to run! Last moments before the new girls join them!

Sara Anne, Delta Chi’s Chapter Advisor. You are incredible and mean the world to me.  I want to be like you one day, except I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to be a chapter advisor. You are the epitome of KD and I’m so proud to call you my sister.  And her daughter Avery, who basically has no choice but to be a KD.

This is what happens on Bid Day.  Girls run, people get excited, people jump and scream and holler and cry and freak out. This is a picture of double excitment because Sara (my little sister & wthe one on the left who is mid air) was welcoming her real-life-blood sister to KD.  So fun!


This is Paige. I gave her her tour of LC last fall. Then we became friends. She ended up at LC AND went KD.

Then I poofed out my hair again for another picture. Awesome.

Then we did our thing. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamoocha!

Most of the new girls.  Quota this year  was 10.  We got 12 total, I think. Quota plus. Woo! Their first moments as KDs 🙂

All of Delta Chi.  I took this picture.  Then cried.

Ahhh ahhahaha MELISSA I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS!!!!!  It’s a joke/KD thing.
This is the freaking awesome crest painted on the wall in the formal room. And V-ron.  Oh, how I miss you.


Ta Kala Diokomen. AOT

5 thoughts on “KD Bid Day 2009

  1. These Pictures are amazing, I feel sad because I am a senior and Rho Gam & everyone always forgets about me.
    Come back soon. Love you AoT


  2. OMG!!!! I can not believe this lived on!! I bet all the new girls were so confused!! I LOVE IT….nice to know a part of me still lives on….


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