It’s Friday!

I treated myself to Wendy’s for lunch today. Yummmm. I hardly EVER eat fast food, but I love Wendy’s and decided since today is Friday that I should have some.

Work is over. Weekend has begun.

My good friend Melisa got into town Wednesday. She is from here, but lives in CO where she goes to school and rules the world playing tennis 23 of the 24 hours in her days. Basically. Well, last night I saw her for the first time in foreverrrr and since my family took BOTH copies of Mario Kart for the Wii to the lake, we decided to break out Wii Music. Have you ever played Wii Music? I must say it’s a bit ridiculous but HILARIOUS. We played the handbells and directed choirs and orchestras. Yes, and laughed SO hard and were really competitive with it, too. We played the violin once, I think. We visited Ireland via the red adventure couch (dad had recorded an HD special on Ireland) and tonight are planning more adventures via the red adventure couch. We like to do NOTHING. Thank God she’s OK with my boring, lame, not wanting to stay out until all hours of the night self.

Tonight is dinner with John and kids before the red couch adventures. On my mom’s new Fiesta-ware (wear?) dishes. More about that later. I’m the first to use them. And I think the bowls she got look like dog bowls, but that’s besides the point. Anywho, tortellini and chicken for dinner. Yummmmmmmm.

Then lots of picture taking this week. 🙂 The fam is in the ATL this weekend…I’ll find some pics so I can update you on what I think they’re doing. HA. Oh…good ideas flowing now!

Happy Weekend!

Much joy,

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