What is going on?

That place where:

The fam is probably playing apples to apples.

Timmy is probably visiting. He’s my other boyfriend. Yes, be jealous.

Brian is NOT skiing. because he is in Texas working.
Today is Anne Day at the lake. This shows last year’s Anne Day, where we rode in the Subrubanne to where-ever she wanted to go. and she got a computer. That she probably doesn’t have with her. Or use.Because Brian has hacked into it.
Angie is visiting mom
This is NOT happening
This crazy dog is begging people to get on the wave runners
Price is likely trying to kill the weeds but just getting stuck instead
Dad is trying soooo hard to throw Price off the tube. and probably succeeding
But sometimes succeeding at staying on

Price is fulfilling the redneck in us all.

Dad’s being really cool.


Mom is trying to contain Tailor’s excitement DSC_0046

But Tailor is still trying to swim to the wave runners.DSC_0052

Where we don’t know these people, but it looks like they’re probably nice. And may have the same wave runner we have. Except ours isn’t on a dock.DSC_0059

And I’m not doing this:


Or watching this:DSC_0339.NEF

But tonight I did see these guys:DSC_0084

And visit this beach:


And eat dinner with this view with a really awesome friend and her mom
and we acted like puffer fish. be jealous. we saw one on the beach

I miss my family. and I miss the lake! and I love where I live! and I am SO glad Katie is here 🙂

3 thoughts on “What is going on?

  1. I LOVE YOU SARA FOSHEE!!!! Thanks for such a WONDERFUL visit!! i’ve loved staying at your house & hanging out with you!!! you’re the best ever!! AOT ❤


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