Happy Fathers Day

To the men that have made such a profound difference in my life, to the men that aren’t my fathers but treat me like their daughter. Thank you.
To my daddy, the most wonderful father, entertainer, singer, look, friend, supporter, relaxer, intelligence-filled, crazy-fun-filled person I know. Thanks for being you, and for wanting to have children. Not just one, but two brothers whom I love and adore. You mean the world to me and I wouldn’t be who I am without you. And, just sayin, let this be the record that it was not this child that gave you a Christmas card for Father’s day. You’ll get to be here soon, but not soon enough (I know).
To the fathers that are mourning the loss of children, to the fathers who can’t tell their father happy Father’s day. You are loved.
To my second favorite father:
With my heart,

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