LONG. Excuse the MASSIVE watermarks.

Hills & Dales

Price’s volleyball games

New lens!

Family Night..hhhaa

Bri. and the hat.

Took the dog for a walk

And. Graduation. If you can stay awake long enough.

The best for last.

6 thoughts on “LONG. Excuse the MASSIVE watermarks.

  1. nice pictures of me with your new lens. it is necessary to make more laser graffiti images on skateboards. i think we should change your name to debbie so you can open 'glamor shots with deb'


  2. 1. phshhhshhhhahhahaa. i love your dad.2. i dont think you put enough pictures. could you add a few more. i was disappointed. 3. who is the old guy in that navy blazer? jw. 🙂 looovvveee youuuu J.D.!!!!!!!!!but love you more sf. K. the end.


  3. if I paid you would you make me an 8×10 of one of the flower pics. Gorgeous! I will have to decide which one I want though!


  4. Sorry it has taken me so long to comment … life gets away from you, you know? Anyway my love … congrats on your graduation … your pictures are amazing … I especially love the ones of you and your family. Love you all and miss you all very much!


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