I’m alive, I promise

Boy, do I have much to blog about. I don’t even know what I blogged about last. I could go back and read to figure it out, but then that would just be wasting some valuable typing time. I can recap anyway, because even if I did mention it you probably don’t remember it. I’m that far behind.

I graduated college.
Then was in Cordele for a good while with friends, fam, and lots of cool people.
Went to ATL for my cousin Lauren’s HS grad.
Stayed with my Godparents in DeLand
Came home
Spent a few days trying to get my room organized. Put bed on risers. Got bookshelf so I have more space to keep more junk.
…actually, as I type this I think i remember putting this in an earlier post.
Anyway. I know what I did NOT blog about.
Last Wednesday morning I drove to Tampa. Was there until bright and early (literally) Friday morning. My grandparents gave me a sewing machine for graduation. You see, my granny is a true “sewer.” She sews. anything. and. everything. She’s made me dresses, duvet covers, pillows, pillows that unzip to blankets, purses, etc etc etc. Well, a few months back they asked what I wanted for graduation. After not convincing them to not get me anything, I decided I’d finally fess up to the fact that I wanted to learn how to sew. I’d basically be the first girl in the family (since Granny) to sew. Well, I found out that not only am I going to learn to sew, but I’m learning on my Granny’s old Bernina machine. Old as in it was the last one she used before she bought the computerized genius of a machine that does anything and everything 600 times faster than you can imagine. And beeps. And lets you know when to change its oil. Yes. That is correct. So Thursday I spent the day at the Bernina shop learning the ins and outs of the machine, learning what the heck a bobbin is, what every stinkin button (there are a lot of lights and buttons) does. learning to not hit the pedal when I pull the feet up with the knee press. It was big. So I learned that. Made two decorative pillows. I like them. They’re cute. I’m exicited about more. YES dad you heard that right. I’m excited to sew things. Then took care of a few work things. Then ate dinner with my uncle and his kiddos. Granny and I spent a little time at Jo-Ann’s and headed straight home to get some embroidering done. It was fun. Monogrammed a bib for a baby shower my mom went to last weekend. Enjoyed spending time with Granny and learning what she loves to do and why she loves to do it. She’s amazing at what she does. She’s a quilter, too. She showed me quilts that my great-grandmother made. Stunning. Crazy. Love them. It was important for me to spend the day with her and let her show me how she does things. I hope to carry on the tradition.
So then Friday I came home. Early. With lots of sewing gear in tow. My dad is thrilled about all this.
Melisa was home from CO for the day, so we spent the day doing what we love to do.
Out to lunch. check
Costco. check.
Camera store. check. bought a 50mm 1.8 lens. Graduation present. Love it.
Mall. double check. I love finding out about all the latest and greatest nonsense that people buy.
Red couch. YES.

Saw UP! It was FANTASTIC and probably one of my new favorites. Really. Loved it. I love balloons. Hot air ballons. Especially since I’m going on a hot air balloon ride sometime in the next year thanks to a special someone who gave me an awesome graduation gift 🙂

Helped cleaned out the garage.
worked on the status of my room a bit more. I’m getting there.
Went to the beach for a bit.
Water was so so calm but of course the afternoon showers drove us off.
Home to work on room some more.
Family meeting. No worries, it’s not the “we’re moving” meeting.
Visited John
wated Marley & Me

Lunch and Jo-Anns with John. He’s really excited about this sewing thing too, I promise.
Selah and JP, too!
Saw Night at the Museum 2.
Not as good as Up. Not nearly as good.
Walk on the beach. Sea glass hunting. Was very successful.
back to work on room and get ready for the week.

Monday. Yesterday.
went to FAU. Talked to an advisor. Who was really confusing and crazy. But helpful at the end.
Went to Price’s volleyball championship game in Boca. Near FAU. They lost but played well and had fun.
Drove all the way back up to Jupier (this is from the south end of the county to the north, which took almost an hour) for the team dinner. Good planning, parents.

Got things finalized so I can register for classes.
Should be able to take them all online.
John made me a yummy dinner.
Watched tv
About to go to bed.

Probably starting as an official full time employee. I’ve worked mostly full time in previous summers but am going to now get benefits. Hello 401K.

Pictures coming. Promise.

Love to all.

One thought on “I’m alive, I promise

  1. ummmm can i say i just busted out in laughter at the "family meeting- not the moving kind" hahahhahaha… OH MY GOSH!!! i know that feeling and that thought. oh gosh. family meeting. that must mean we are moving. hahaha… wow. sisters at heart indeed. love you!


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