Hello Blog World!

I arrived home YESTERDAY.
After graduation and lots of festivities in La-Grang-aaaaa, the fam headed to Cordele to the lake house for some R & R (and a lot of partying/entertaining). Had a blast. Was busy.
Wednesday I went to Atlanta with the G-rents for my cousin’s HS grad. And to celebrate two family birthdays
Was there until Saturday morning. at 6:30am to be exact.
Stopped by the lake to finish packing my car (three other cars had already been loaded and left)
Drove 6 hours or so to DeLand to spend the night with my god-parents.
Left DeLand at 8am Sunday to make it back home around 11. Was a little late to church, but made most of it.
People came over for lunch, as is usual.
Bought a bookcase.
John put it together.
Raised my bed
Started going through all my CRAP. and CRAP-LOAD of clothes. that I had already gone through. I got rid of a LOT of stuff last time I went though everything and still managed to bring a TON of stuff home.
Packed up winter clothes to go in the attic. No need for those here.
Started re-arranging stuff. Going through stuff. My room will get put together sooner or later.
Went to Cheesecake Factory with John, Brian, and Taylor (my brother and his gf).
Went to John’s and watched TV/chatted.
Slept until 10:30 this morning
Put ALL my non-hanging clothes on my bed in piles to figure out where the heck to put them. My drawers here are not very tall so they don’t really fit as much as my drawers at school did. (aka. 1 layer of shirts instead of 5).
Went with John to see his parents.
Drove by a possible roommate situation. A few blocks from the beach. At a condo with a doorman. And a pool. Possibly an inside pool. And lots of older people. We shall see.
Stopped by camera store. Closed.
Picked up Selah & JP.
Stopped at Publix for mayo, soda, and ice.
Arrived back at home for par-tay central. Welcome to my house. Everyone comes over.
Had a burger and a lot of other junk food that’s good to eat on Holidays. Or any day.
Went through some more of my stuff that’s all over the house and in Price’s room. He loves me.

Been busy. Going to Tampa Weds-Thurs. to pick up my NEW SEWING MACHINE (it was my granny’s) and take a sewing class at the Bernina place. Will see Melisa Friday.
Starting back at the office Monday.
Real world, here I come.

Need to figure out grad school specifics soon.

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