Break from packing

To update the world, or whoever cares, on life.

Done with finals. Room still not packed. I cannot muster up the energy or motivation to do it. Plus, I don’t want to be in an empty room. Not even for a few nights. Dad, it’ll get done before you get here. Don’t worry. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with all this crap when I move home. I’ll figure something out.

Working on graduation speech. Yikes. Yowsers. I’m a last minute writer, but figured maybe I should start early. I’ve been writing/rewriting/erasing everything and starting over all day. Just rehearsed with Prof. Knoll. Woman is a genius.

Spending a lot of time with friends. It’s been fun. Need some rest, though, or else I’m going to get sick. You know when you get that feeling? My body knows best, I suppose.

The whole dam-family (or at least most of them) will be here Saturday for graduation. Plus some others. Like 25 people. Look out LaGrange. This could be dangerous.

Danielle is coming into town tomorrow. She’ll be here for the nurses pinning (congrats to Lisa), but I just like to think she’s coming to hold my hand as I boo-hoo and silently freak out about everything that’s going on. And help me pack. She’s good at keeping me motivated.

Tonight is Sr. Pub Crawl, or, as the school administration likes to call it “Senior tour of the finer establishments around LaGrange.” or something to that effect. It’ll be more like a: seniors-get-on-the-bus-and-we’ll-provide-transportation-and-drive-you-around-to-all-the-bars-in-lagrange. Should be fun. Hopefully it won’t just be an annoying drunk fest. I have high expectations, I know this.

Looking forward to a week at the lake. Have a lot of letters to write to friends and professors. Was planning on writing them after finals, but this graduation speech ordeal is kinda taking priority. Since it has to be done now. I have too much I’d like to say. And I tend to think lame things are funny.

Anyway, I promise I’ll start writing more often and regularly.

Hair trim and pedicure tomorrow. My toes are gross. Cause you wanted to know.



2 thoughts on “Break from packing

  1. im coming to stand by your side and help you through the madness. packing. crying. saying goodbye. whatever it may be. somehow a year ago i did it… with you beside me. so im here for you. 🙂 OMG SEE YOU IN LIKE 18 HOURS!!!!!!


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