Sue Marie’s Wedding

My SB09 began in Columbus, GA…..on a Wednesday evening (yes I got to leave early!)….at The Moshell/Waddell wedding celebration. It was SO much fun. And QUITE the weekend+.
Weds: Help Sue Marie
Thurs: Help Sue Marie and Ms. Marie run errands, deliver hospitality boxes, and dinner with Sue Marie and her family.
Friday: Bridesmaids luncheon in the am at the country club, visit to Ms. Maries to see all Sue Marie’s gifts, salon to get the nails done, dressed for rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, after-rehearsal-dinner party downtown (SOOO much fun. awesome band)
Saturday: Out of town/bridal party luncheon at the River Club, dressed at to the church by 3, pictures, wedding at St. Luke’s, and reception at the River Mill until the early morning (another freaking awesome band)
Surprisingly enough, I didn’t take much pictures. We spent a lot of time just having fun!

his cake. if Bradley was a cake, this is definitely what he would look like.

the bridal party. minus two flower girls. one was under Lane’s feet, thus why she’s looking down

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