Just in case you wanted to know what I’ve been doing…

Friday started out busy. I didn’t have class in the morning, but had saved that time to study for my test that I did have at 12:30. Still had breakfast with friends though–can’t pass that up! Seriously, I’m really going to miss that part of my Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Then went to photography, put some laundry in, went to tennis practice, threw laundry in dryer, showered, ironed, got dressed, packed, got laundry out, headed to Columbus, found a dress for $18 for Sue Marie’s rehearsal dinner, went to a “Backyard Wedding Shower and Barbecue Supper” (which I totally want–they got a HAMMOCK. HELLO!), spent some time catching up with Sue Marie, went to bed, got up early Saturday morning, stopped for gas & Chick-Fil-A breakfast, drove back to LaGrange, stopped by Cracker Barrel to pick up a gift card, went to Publix to get balloons blown up for Shamrock, headed to the square for Shamrock (our KD Philanthropy “Wing Fling” event), got sunburned because I left my sunscreen in my tennis bag at the house, had fun at Shamrock, counted money with Cresta, cleaned up Shamrock, came home and helped put Shamrock stuff into the basement (sorority closet), went to Jim Bob’s for lunch with Cresta and her parents, came back home, unpacked, worked on a puzzle for a few mins to force me to just sit down, went to Piggly Wiggly with Cresta and Ryan to use change counter for remaining change from Shamrock, bought some milk, came home and sat on the front porch with Cresta, Ryan, Olivia, Jess, Dan, and Colt for a LONG time (ohh it was wonderful), went to watch the sunset at the lake with Jess, Ryan, and Kelsey, took pictures of the guys welding the new bridge on campus (it was so cool–and pictures of the welding–not the guys. thanks) went up to “Vegas on the Hill” to see Cresta and Raukisha, came back to the house around 10 and made mashed potatoes with Cresta, Ryan, and Colt. Then I had a popsicle and worked on a puzzle with Ryan for a bit, then I went to BEDDDDD and slept until 10:30 this morning. WHEW. Now I’m sitting on the couch, watching Food Network, getting caught up with the world (aka reading your blog, probably), and thinking about everything I need to do today. We’ll see what gets done. 10+ hours of sleep helped. Very much needed.
The past two days have been crazy. BUT. I did get to spend some quality time with people I love (and some who I don’t get to see often), FOUND A CUTE CUTE DRESS FOR $18, and really really really just enjoyed every moment.

So, quiz tomorrow. New Social Council case. Busy Week. Two tennis matches. BUT. I’LL BE HOME IN TWO WEEKS!!!!!! and Sue Marie and Bradley will be MARRIED in two weeks. and that whole celebration will be so much fun and CRAZY.

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