I’ve been slacking

And sick. and playing tennis. and lying in bed. and tutoring. and…studying!

I got that awful head cold nonsense–watering eyes, feeling like my head is going to explode, endless runny nose–all the good, fun stuff. I think I may have contracted it from one of my roommates who is also one of my teammates. We basically are around each other ALL the time so I guess it was inevitable. No vitamins could stop it!

I’m feeling better now, though, which is good. I missed practice yesterday (I actually took a nap, and if you know much about me–I NEVER TAKE NAPS–so I was definitely sick) and we have the day off today, so I will get to catch up on some things and get some work done. That is the plan, at least. We have a match Saturday in Atlanta. I’m driving myself up there (following the great ol’ LC bus) so I can stick around the ATL and shoot Lullwater, a park at Emory, for my photo class with a friend. I might stay Saturday night and attend the Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday morning for one of my classes. I have to visit a church that is different than mine and I’ve always wanted to see that church. We’ll see how it goes. Perhaps I’ll get to see the fam a bit, too.

I moseyed on over to the KD ABC Social for a few mins last night. ABC, meaning Anything But Clothes. OH MY GOSH the costumes were hilarious. I’ll post a pic later.

Hope you are enjoying your day and start to this Lent season. I missed the campus Ash Weds service because I was in bed. I was pretty bummed about that. AND I missed Weds. night dinner at FUMC. Dangit!

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