Oh, the good life.

[edited. since i didn’t proofread]

First Tuesday without classes: GLORIOUS! I’m going to love this free T/Th thing. Until I have to spend them all playing tennis. Then my opinion might change.

I slept in, got up, opened ALL the blinds in the house (it’s a pet peeve. I LOVE the light–especially since I’ll be at home for the majority of the day), made my bed, then made an awesome bowl of SmartStart, blueberries, and strawberries. I am such my mother’s daughter in this regard. I am actually on the phone with her now–I called her to see if she was doing/had done this for breakfast, too. Well, it probably would have been Raisin Bran instead of SmartStart. Turns out she didn’t this morning but did yesterday morning. She’s grading tests, in case you were wondering. Such the college professor she is.

Anywho–it’s about 30 mins after I started this post and just about time to go for a run. I waited to run until later this morning because it’s COLD.

AND. I just got more WONDERFUL news. I might be seeing Danielle this weekend. And if not this wekeend then within a few weeks time. Little sneaky woman she is! šŸ˜‰ She knows how much I love surprises. I’ve told you all already a bagillion times how lucky I am to have such a great friend.

Hope YOU have a great day!

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