I’m currently at the PBI airport awaiting my flight to the ATL. Going back for my last semester of undergrad life. HOLY COW. wow. Yes, this is happening. It should be the easiest semester I’ve ever had (finders crossed), so things are looking good!

I have been home the past week. Mostly working a lot. Had a manager’s meeting/conference so I stayed busy. Ate some wooooooooooooonderful dinners and saw some people I hadn’t seen in a while, so that’s always nice. It took about the entire week to go through my pictures from the Galapagos. Actually I just finished yesterday. I’m currently uploading them to the family site. It’s going to take FOREVER though. I made a wrong choice in file size, but it’ll be ok. Eventually it’ll be worth it. I’ll post the link…tomorrow…or whenever it’s finished. 🙂

Spent some time with the family. Went to church TWO Sundays. Some people came over last night to see some pics. Had a fabulous, fabulous week.

Life is so so so good. Back to the cold 😉 and tennis. and friends. and a semester of really good memories.

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