Something neat just happened….

As I’m sitting here, the dark/cloudyness rolled away, my room lit up (I have tons of windows), and suddenly the sky became BRIGHT blue. This dreary day turned beautiful in a matter of seconds. How awesome is that?! It is most definitely not the 70degrees outside that says it is.

Well, I’m back in LaGrange for a few days before I head off to this place. Getting really excited. I WILL see penguins, don’t you worry. It WILL happen.

But first…I will be venturing to Asheville, NC to see Danielle. SO excited. I still sometimes don’t believe that I’m really going to see her this weekend, though. I saw her last in October when she was here for homecoming. How I wish I could drive to Durham and stay with her for…a week..or two..or three..but I’m really looking forward to spending some quality girl time with her! It’s much needed and anticipated! We’re going to stay with some family friends for at least one night and visit the Biltmore. Other than that, our plans are up in the air. It’s just how we roll. It’ll be awesome.

So, after being home for break this year I’m wondering why I ever thought I’d want to live where it is COLD in the winter. I guess since I’m having to actually monitor our heater since a utility bill is involved this year (in the apartments we just turned the heater up as high as we wanted to–I think that basically numbed me to the fact that it’s cold outside) i’m more aware of how freaking COLD it is in the fall/winter in LAGRANGE. Moving north is probably not the BEST option for me. Although I do love when the leaves change colors. I guess I’ll just have to made a trip every fall to see the beauty unfolding. I like the warm, shorts, 85degrees, get in the ocean Christmas. I enjoy the cool weather in spurts, I think. I diiiiiiiidddddddd make tomato soup (loaded with cheese, duh!) last night, which I would not have been able to eat at home due to the fact that it’s HOT outside. It’s just not the same when it’s hot outside.

I got TONS of mail and a few packages today (bday tomorrow). How exciting! I love packages! Even Austin could tell it’s my birthday. And he knew how old i’m turning. That man is insane. And by insane I mean awesome. You who know him know what I mean. Looking forward to spending some time tomorrow evening with wonderful friends. I think birthdays should be about spending time with people. Not about presents or spending money or anything else. Just about being with people. Yesterday I ate lunch with the fam to celebrate the 24th anniversary of my parents and my 22nd bday. We at at Cheesecake Factory, a restaurant I love love love love love love love. It was fun to just be together for one last time before I go back home. They did give me a pretty sweet wallet to match a purse they gave me for Christmas, which I totally was not expecting. Nice surprise. I got a package from Amazon today and opened it. I just ordered my text books for the spring so I just figured it was going to be books. Nope! Two more packages from the fam. I read the little cards that are on the packages..and can tell what one of the packages is. My family members are such jokesters.
Hint: Does your dog bite?

OK, Amber, this is for you. Forgive me if you’ve already posted about this, but I automatically thought of you. I think I’ve read about this on someone else’s blog already, but I’m not sure who’s. My roommate got an AWESOME pair of shoes for Christmas made out of recycled tires and innertubes and a few other sustainable materials. HOW COOL!!!!! And they’re CUTE!! Check out .

Hope you are enjoying whatever kind of day you are having. Days aren’t always good, but they’re always a blessing.

3 thoughts on “Something neat just happened….

  1. Oh my goodness girl … love you. Happy early birthday … glad to hear you’re doing so well. When I read: does your dog bite? I thought of the song, My Favorite Things. Pretty sure that wasn’t where you were going with that comment but nonetheless. 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday! I love simple shoes. If you can manage to sneak a penguin into your suitcase and bring it back to me I would totally pay you for the trouble. Or maybe just get a picture. Have fun!


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