Home For The Holidays [edited]

Happy New Year!

So, I’ve really slacked in the blogging department since I’ve been home. I got home late on the 10th and worked a pretty good bit from the 11th-Christmas Eve. Did some babysitting, saw some friends, did some shopping, spent quality time with the fam, figured out grad school stuff. Both sets of grandparents visited. Christmas came fast. Christmas Eve was incredible. My favorite day of any year, by far. Church was wonderful. Family dinner was yummy. We spent Christmas day morning at home with the g-rents, then hopped in the car and headed to the Keys. We stayed pretty darn close to Key West, so we were all the way down there! My brother’s girlfriend’s family was near where we were, so we were able to spend some time with them. We stayed for about 5 days then decided to come home [rather than go to Marco for New Years]. So, we came home Tuesday. Did some shopping for my Galapagos trip at the dive shop on the way home and stopped to get one more piece of key lime pie on a stick, of course! New Years eve was fun. Quite an adventure with Melisa–shopped [successfully] and went searching [unsuccessfully] for manatees. Although, we did manage to get let into the docks at the marina, of course not before being asked if we belong to Al Queda or any terrorist group. Homeland secutity. We were near a power plant. It’s legit, but was quite amusing. I will admit that we looked more like tourists than locals.We then ate some ribs, tore up some Guitar Hero, visited some friends, then rang in the New Years at the Rum Bar. It’s a neat outdoors Bar on the water. Sand. Adorondak chairs. Fire pits. Lit palm trees. Watched some football. Relaxed for a while. Were successful at the ring toss [it’s a big deal to us, ok?]. Ended the night on a pretty funny note. It was probably the most fun I’ve had on New Years–ever.

Will go back to school soon, turn 22 soon, SEE DANIELLE SOON!!!!!!!, and leave for Jan Term trip soon.

2008 was a great year. Really, really, really looking forward to 2009. Big things are happening!

Here are a bunch of pics from break==they are definitely in no particular order. I’m not that organized at the moment. And, as you can tell, it doesn’t get hold here for the Holidays.

This is the great adventure with Melisa.

This would be the the dog, Tailor, exhausted Christmas morning.
Key Deer. sticking his tounge out. i’m sure we were yelling at him or something.

the brother. in mom’s robe and dad’s slippers. that make farting noises when you walk in them.
pre-Christmas crab boil. yum.


Key West

brother’s girlfriends’s sister

Brian. Taylor. Price.

lobster floats. We had some fresh Florida lobster one night. Hand-caught by Taylor’s grandfather. YUMMMMM.

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