It’s Friday. Work week is over. Not that I worked 7-4 all day, but being at the office for any period of time takes some getting used to after working from my bedroom at my computer in my pjs for the past 3 months. Have gotten a lot lot done, though, and will be working Monday-Weds next week for at least some amount of time. I love where I work. The people I work with are quite humorous and the work we do is pretty darn neat. Hey–if you have a window or sliding glass door or building material that you need air/water/wind/bomb tested, give me a holler. I can hook you up. The plan is to get an MBA, continue work, and eventually become our Director of Marketing. wooo-hoo. like it a lot. never what i ever imagined would be..but it is. and such is life.

Big weekend. family arrived today. melisa is back in town.

It’s Advent. Sunday is the “L word.” 🙂


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