Some random (really-i’m sitting at the kitchen table looking around to come up with these things) things being home means:

-Sitting on the couch for endless hours watching cool things on tv–meaning flipping through everything that’s been recorded on the DVR in the past 3 weeks (including lots of concerts–we randomly rock out at this place). Yesterday we watched a special on the Galapagos Islands so I could see where I’m going. Who finds that on TV? Did I mention lots of concerts? As loud as the speakers can go? Oh, yes. That’s us.

-Watching our sweet dog (sorry Dad, I know he’s a boy and its just wrong to call a boy dog “sweet”, but I’m going to do it) lie around–we try to provoke him to do something cool, but he doesn’t. I’m OK with it. He’s a good reminder to slow down…although if I slowed down as much as he does I wouldn’t get ANYTHING done. I would, however, eat. Important things people.

-Sometimes arguing, I mean discussing nicely, about ridiculous ways we can save the environment. This usually involves my techno-nerd-geek-ridiculously intelligent brother coming up with some absurd way to bury something underground, build some kind of combine to get rid of it, etc etc. I don’t even know. Price, my 13 year old brother, wants a compost. I don’t know if he knows what that means. Our neighbors have one. That attracts rats. Thank you, Florida.

-Arguing, I meaning discussing nicely, the menu in our household. Which usually doesn’t ever turn out to be anything that we even talk about. But it’s fun. And it’s food. And we’re all very passionate about our food.

-Reminiscing on our childhood. We do this a lot. I love it. And will pass it along to my family. I’m usually the grunt of the joking, but that’s OK–at least I provide some entertainment, right?

-Lots of muffin baking this year. My mom is notorious for her blueberry muffins. And, my mom is a professor. She baked ALL her students muffins for their finals. WHAT? JEALOUS! At least we get the leftovers. (And she takes 30 minutes before each final to REVIEW with her students–she’s the most compassionate person I’ve ever known. She teaches a few lower-level math classes that the students HAVE to pass to basically take anything else at the school).

-Working. My brother and I work for the same company. We usually go into work together. I’m so thankful for this. We get to spend a lot of time together this way. The way it looks–we’ll be working together for a long time (my post-grad. plans have changed slightly. ok, a lot. more about that later).

-Lots of love. We share what we feel. We speak our minds (most of the time). We argue. We get mad. But we love each other. Always. Even in our frustrations, even in our differing opinions.

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