….you’re only a day away!!

leavin on a jet plane to see some people I miss a whole lot. and…to make it even better…we’re having our first Thanksgiving meal TOMORROW NIGHT. It’s a long story, kinda, (ok- not really) but why we’re having it tomorrow is really not that important. I’m stoked. Have a lot to do before I leave, but it’ll get done. In the meantime, just enjoying the day. The stuff I miss sleep over will be worth it!

then, the 9 days I’ll be at school after thanksgiving will consist of:
1 test, 3 papers, 1 graphic design project, 3 photography projects, 1 research project (lots of data entry & lots of data analysis,) 1 research paper, and 1 final (same class as the test thats happening 3 days before the final..huh?)
1 trip to atlanta, 1 bridal shower, 1 christmas party, and 15 hours of tutoring.

eh, it happens.
but, it will be advent season. Jesus was born. that is way more important than anything else going on. and then i’ll be going home again for a most-exciting Christmas break.

i’ll see some of you very soon…hope the rest of you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. gas is $1.75. sweet

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