another joy!

I have ANOTHER (I have two..haha!) great friend (who just started reading my blog! woohoo!), whom I live SO close to but don’t get to see nearly enough. The picture below is from Jan. 2007–don’t judge. Anyway, we did YoungLife together a few years back and traveled to New Zealand over Jan Term a few years back. We’ve been good friends ever since! She’s getting married to a wonderful man in April, and I’m SO SO excited to be a part of her wedding. She’s a wonderful friend and has one of the most awesome-est (yes I just made that up) families ever. They’ve welcomed me on a few different family-tripish things (the farm, the beach). I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Sue Marie and her family and look forward to many many many more memoreis to come! She’s such a strong woman and has such a positive attitude about absolutely everything. Thanks, Sue Marie, for always being a reminder of the good in life,for introducing me to many new things (quail hunting, really good mexican restaurants, columbus history, all your family, etc), and, among many other things, just for being you. SO looking forward to standing up front with you on your wedding day! Love you and I’m always praying for you!

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