Senior Plague

Did anyone else have this (because I know most of you fine people graduated college already)?

it’s past senioritis. i think it’s a plague.

Here are my symptoms:
1. waking up sometimes before 6am early….naturally…and not being mad
(doesn’t this happen when you get offense..but it’s not supposed to happen in college?)
2. not wanting to do anything school related
3. blogging-and blogging incessantly
4. having no motivation
5. not wanting to do anything school related
6. did I mention not wanting to do anything school related? until it’s hours before and/or after the assignment/paper is due?
7. and..if you had that one sociology professor that loves cats….if you did you know who i’m talking about…did you EVER turn in a paper on time? and was it ever about ANYTHING discussed in class…
8. being OK with missing class….this just recently started happening. only with above class.
9. quitting an assignment when your computer battery is in the red. forget plugging it in–must mean it’s time to do something else

i need help. or a trip to durham. that’s probably the issue.

regardless, it should probably be in the DSM-V, or DSM IV-RA (revised again). this is serious.

3 thoughts on “Senior Plague

  1. If you think undergrad is bad, don’t go to graduate school. 😉 As for that certain teacher (with the Hawaiian shirts), as long as he likes you there should be no problems.


  2. I agree with Blair! Seriously … as you age ‘Senioritis’ only takes a different form but you basically experience the same longing to NOT be doing what you’re supposed to be doing. 😉


  3. im just going to laugh…hadhfahsdfhasdfhahhahhahahhahaHHHHAAA.its ok. it will be over going to say you either need 1. a VERY easy semester next spring so you can relax or 2. take a year off before grad school. you could move in with me during that year. work at starbucks. do my laundry (ill pay ya). and just live. thats what i say.


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