Things happen for a reason. God knows what He’s doing. Do I always believe that? I think so. Do I always like to believe that? No. Am I always able to sense that? No.

Today was a pretty long, tiring, difficult day. Difficult decisions, difficult circumstances, difficult news to hear, but throughout the day I’ve had an urging sense that I’m in the place/position I am for a reason. The events of the day have been tugging and pulling at my heart–it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve been comforted, having this sense that there is a reason I am a part of everything going on.

Do you have that sense?

Those who were a part of my day will likely not read this, but I’m thankful for them. For their encouragement, their comforting words, and their wisdom. I’ve been blessed to be around people that challenge me to challenge me, if that makes any sense.

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