so, shocker, strange things happen. I just got home from a fraternity house. On a Tuesday night. I haven’t done this since freshman year…and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! Just went and hung out with some people, showed my mad dancing skills (we all know I’m a really good dancer….but no really…I’m horrible but it’s so much fun, especially in a dark black lit room where not really anyone can see much), and reminisced of the good ‘ol freshman year days–when we used to hang out there nightly. We watched movies, played stupid card games, talked about life and love, and throughout all this decided that when we were seniors we’d be like the seniors our freshman year. Well, tonight……we were them. and it was a blast. it was technically a PJ party, but I arrived straight from meetings and tutoring sessions, so I was still in my school day best…which we all know probably isn’t any “best.”

random story to tell you that I’m so thankful for the people who not only taught me so much about life, especially college life, but taught me the value of time–time spent with those that matter to you, time spent with those that you care about and that care about you. We decided tonight we’re going to have a senior night before graduation, talk about the fond memories we have, share laughter, and simply enjoy the presence of each other–which is what the seniors our freshman year tuaght us is so important.

so, all this from a fraternity house. who knew, huh? long story short. don’t take moments for granted. cherish every one. live every one to the fullest. spend a random tuesday night “partying it up” at a fraternity house. why not? talk about memories. laugh at each other…like that random night we ended up lying on the dance floor in a circle wondering what it would be like to be seniors? yea…we did that. and it’s here. what a ride it’s been.

so, i’m thankful for those random moments where the simplest things mean so much. yes, even those moments at a fraternity house. where drinking isn’t always center of everything, i assure you.

p.s. i’ll be home in two weeks! but i wish i was going to the lake tomorrow…
p.p.s. i’m still ready to move on from the college life. just appreciative of what i’ve experienced…

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