sweet Black Hawk helicopter at the park.
This is where we were!
My great-great grandfathers grave (grandmama correct me if I’m wrong, please). What a beautiful tribute. I hope people can say something like that about me one day.
What is now McCay Gin, what used to be owned by my great-grandfather. same buildings.
still ginning cotton!

First Methodist Church: My great-grandfather built the domes.
I wonder who lived here:
love this.
cotton. family. history. memories.

a cool spring John found on the road to Pateville. We stopped at a little overpass, decided to walk/venture down underneath..and found this beautiful spot. I was told to “act like a man” and run across the mud…because my shoes were SO dirty/filthy/covered with mud…but I had my camera, so I wasn’t about to run anywhere.
The original Stripling’s:
locks, my newest photography obession.
just some cool colors and lines

cool wood:
Don’t you wonder what this house was like back in the day? Kids running around? What were the people wearing?
Lake Blackshear Dam
some poles at the dam.
the walkway at the dam

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