pure joy. abundant blessings.

trip to pine mountain and warm springs (think FDR, Little White House). shopping, food at a nice (it used to be a gas station, work with me here) restaurant–WONDERFUL food, a beautiful sunset, and so so so much fun spent with someone who is one of my best friends, a wonderful encourager, selfless in her actions, and someone who speaks and acts love in every way.

we attempted to take jumping shots using self timer. see a few pics below. BUT I got aggravated because I was NOT so good at it. so i decided to make a fool of myself-by myself. we decided I just really needed to be like Jesus in that moment..
We found a pathway to a mini-replica of what warm springs used to look like back in the day. everything was miniature, there were random trinkets and toys, old sodas, and a tiny hint that sometimes this place is open for real business. aka. there was an ice cream shop that was closed, but had a menu posted on the door .who knows. it was also kinda like a ghost town.

jumping pics. this is the only one where we’re both off the ground–even if just slightly. thanks to me.
we grew? shadows are so neat. have you ever looked at yours and thought about it on a deeper level? just do it.
self timer worked for this one!
beautiful door in the ghost town. It was just on the side of an ugly grey building. how neat?
neat mirror that made us upside down. I can’t think of the name of them. I like the cool things at the bottom of the picture, though.
a reminder of the good ol days, right?
Hope you can find some time today to enjoy the little things in life we take for granted. đŸ™‚

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