life is superb :)

So…currently I’m working in the tutoring center. I’ve worked here for a few weeks and have tutored ONE person. Who, might I add, came in 5 minutes before it was time for me to leave and wanted to know about percentile rank over an interval. So, she hands me her notes (which are just numbers) and I have to spend 20 mins. figuring out what the problem is even asking. typical, right? Oh well, she learned it, so that’s all that matters. BUT I’ve made a good hunk of change sitting here doing homework, so I shouldn’t complain!

LAGRANGE COLLEGE WON OUR 2ND FOOTBALL GAME THIS WEEKEND! against Maryville! and if you were/are a LaGrange athlete or know a LaGrange athlete, you know we all DESPISE (to be nice) Maryville. SWEET VICTORY! I listened to a good part of the 4th quarter on the radio..except I don’t have a radio inside my house so I turned on the radio in my car, rolled down my windows, and listened from the swing on my front porch. I felt like it was the 1960s and like I was in a movie. Saturday was also guy’s bid day. Enough said, I think.

I went back to the house a few mins ago to get a sweatshirt (it’s freezing in the tutoring center) and Jess had JUST finished making dinner. SCORE! I got to bring me back some grub to the tutoring center. Who even cares that I had already eaten dinner. I worked out today so it’s OK, right? πŸ™‚

I got to see Grandmama and Grandaddy in Atlanta this weekend! They were visiting Aunt Claire, Uncle Mark, and the girls. I was babysitting Friday night, so the two boys and I ventured up to HOTLANTA and indulged in some wonderful Chinese goodness! The boys even got to play Wii, which is probably their favorite activity EVER. It was a late night. I wore them out, but they were SO sweet during dinner and behaved. They’re 12 and 10 and call me their big sister. I babysat them Saturday, too. We made rice krispies and watched the football game (much to their dismay). πŸ™‚ Kathy gave me a bunch of goodies (food) this weekend–which was WONDERFUL. I’m still enjoying fresh pineapple, oatmeal cookies, and SNICKERDOODLES!!!!! I’ve eaten basically everything else–shrimp, pimento cheese sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, grapes, crackers, etc. See mom–I do eat!

We’ve moved from pin hole photography to film photography in my photo class this week! Hooray! I spent about 2 hours roaming around the campus and surrounding areas snapping photos. SO much fun! The weather was BEAUTIFUL today. Really cool this morning, so it was especially nice picture-taking weather! Grandpa–I’m really enjoying your camera! Grandaddy showed me how to load the film!

We’ve started our pre-season tennis practices, which basically means we’re hitting as much as we can. Happy to be back into the swing of physical activity!

Speaking of physical activity, I’m off to work on my research project–proposing to find a correlation between conscientiousness and health-related activities. Woo hoo! Not a full scale study. A lot of those have been done, but something I can get some data from 20 people on and present by next Tuesday. Sounds fun, right? I LOVE IT!

Well, this is by far the most informational post I’ve ever written probably. Hopefully that’s a good thing. Hopefully you enjoyed reading about my various activities. I feel like most of this post was about food, but that’s OK!

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2 thoughts on “life is superb :)

  1. aw i loved readin that! keep up the excellent posting! i still love that you sat on your swing and listened to the radio… hahaa. and all that food… mmmmm. enjoy! bc in just a year you will be on your own eating! and well… its not as easy as having all the food around you! im super excited about seeing your sweet pics! AND about seeing YOU in just a few weeks!! LOVE YOU!


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