Dodging The Storm

So…tomorrow (Weds), I’ll leave home and head towards the lovely cabin in Cordele, GA. for a day or so until I move into the house in LaGrange Friday.

Some of you might wonder WHY in the world I’m leaving tomorrow, as Fay is still in FL and roaring and kicking. Well, the bad winds are supposed to be off the coast tomorrow, so driving will be in just rain and not the strong winds that will exist Thursday on (The storm is supposed to become a hurricane tomorrow.) Did any of that make sense? Anyway…

DAD is riding with me (yay!) and we are meeting the g-rents in Cordele. They will bring dad back home this weekend, and I will continue my journey onto the beginning of my last year in the LG.

yikes. about it being my last year. and about dodging a powerful storm.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe we’ll document via pictures.

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