Bad Error

That’s what it’s telling me when I try to upload pics from today. Man, they were pretty entertaining too! I’ll just have to have more than one pic blog tomorrow 🙂

ANYWAY, in case you’re interested in hearing about every detail of today (you have no choice, basically), today was very eventful! Lovely shopping day with mom and granny. Good thing I got paid this past week. haha. I got a duvet cover and realllllllllllly nice mattress pad cover at Marshalls, then a sheet set at Linens n Things. All on sale. All wonderful.

AND i went into Bed Bath and Beyond with 6 or 7 coupons–yep, they honored every single one! I had two $10 off, too! SO, needless to say I got:

3 baking sheets $7.33 total
1 muffin pan $5.30 total
cup measuring cups and baby measuring cups (that’s what I call tsp, etc–the baby ones) $8.56 total
a paring knife (spelling). Rachel Ray one, at that, so yes it has a ridiculously bright orange handle–at least I’ll know its mine when I move out! $6
a huge chopping/bread knife $10.38 total
6 plates- 75cents each
huge salad bowl-$2.56

Needless to say, I scored the big one! I was thinking about just buying cheap stuff at the local Wally World in LaGrange but I got good stuff for a good deal, and stuff that’ll hopefully last longer than a year. I’ll be mad if it doesn’t. Bed Bath and Beyond was the first stop (due to the plethora of coupons), and I originally bough sheets there. I was going to have two queen sheets sewn together as a duvet cover, but when I found the actual duvet cover at Marshalls I nixed that plan. So, I got to return the sheets!

Granny then treated us to pedicures. with awesome massage chairs. that really were like a real massage. when I am rich I’m getting one, and I’ll buy you one too!

Next-Wonderful/entertaining family dinner. That’s what the pics were supposed to be of!

Then GRE studying/video chatting/not studying that much at all. I got to SEE and talk to both Danielle and Melisa, (who was SUPPOSED to be home at midnight last night…..but changed her plane ticket to tomorrow night). At least she’s having fun in Costa Rica. Could be worse, I suppose!

It was a fun day! GRE countdown-1 week away!

He’s comforting.

One thought on “Bad Error

  1. you are so fun! this was just a fun blog to read. and i did chuckle… haha… love you! miss you. skype ya soon! 🙂 haha


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