third one. yikes.

OK i’m done with quotes. for the time being. (see previous quotes from today)

Now-onto life. It’s going to take a while to get all my fav. photos from the lake up, but here are a few to start.

Some beautiful sunsets. But not even the best. Easiest to get to at the moment, though. Why one would not want to spend every night with this view is beyond me. I’ll share more later.

I’ve come to love hummingbirds, and no that’s not usual for someone my age to say, but they’re cute. and fly really fast. and are feisty as all get out. and don’t stay still for long. which is why it’s neat that I got these shots. I camped out on the porch waiting for them, I must admit. They fought each other in the yard. It was pretty entertaining. Oh, the little things. The 1st is neat because, like I mentioned, they are SO fast and don’t stay in one place very long at ALL. And i love the flapping of the wings. The 2nd picture was actually taken from inside the house, before I braved the swing.

America the Beautiful. Yes that’s the sun.

God is an awesome creator.

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