so. Just figured out how to blog via phone Internet, which is all I’ve had for a while. After lots of site redirecting, I’m here! Tomorrow is our last full day at the lake-Thursday we’ll be leaving home to go back home (the lake has always been “home”, as being a preachers family means moving around and living in parsonages). So, it’ll be a nice change after a few relaxing weeks. Work kicks back up. Woo hop…. Then move in day is just about 3weeks away! Crazy.

Today we visited our friends in Perry. It was fun-are dinner at a restaurant that’s in an old house and played around on the farm. It was good to be back on the farm and wander around. It was where I learned to drive 4wheelers and tractors.

I’m happy. It’s been a summer full of changes, but I’m finally at peace about everything which is a good place to be.

I get to see Melisa Saturday-my friend who had spent a month serving jesus in costa rica! I’m sure we’ll get some good beach time in!

Miss you!

God is good.

One thought on “gadgets

  1. goooood news to hear. on all parts. enjoy the lake… but def enjoy the beach!! 🙂 see you soon. i know i will.


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