Happy New Year

Here’s to hoping your New Year is filled with happiness and joy. I’ve been in Marco Island for the past few days–enjoying family time and visiting lots of old friends. We lived here until I was in 5th grade. We’ve shared meals with a few of our elementary school teachers, lovely people from the church […]

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Misc Thursday

So…it’s been a while. Here are some things that have happened during the past few weeks… Price cooked bacon. Price  grew up and  is clearly cool. Even cooler. This one is going on the wall. See the needle fish? We went to the Crab House for lunch. Bubba & Mom. On a nice fall day. […]

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The Cousins

So..I took these pictures a while back but just now uncovered them while working on the MacMinn/Snider slideshow. The lighting isn’t the greatest in all of these, but Karson & Kassidy are precious and so not camera shy 🙂 To view more pictures of kids, click here.

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