i get it honestly

I love doing laundry….and I think I get it honestly. Now, I’m not exactly sure if mom LOVES doing laundry, but I know she definitely does not dislike it…cause she does it all the time. and she’s really good at it. yes, laundry is a talent–at least the laundry mom does. I think the only reason I’d want more than 3 kids is because I would have to do a lot of laundry. minus the water bill. but that’s another story. I love the way clean clothes smell, I love hanging clothes to dry, i love folding clothes and putting them away and knowing that ALL my clothes are put away (or in my car…as is the case right now) instead of stacked in the dirty clothes basket or lying around.

It’s the little things, people, work with me here.

and…for you, DAD,
HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY!!!!! and, like you, i love yummy food and a good grilled steak 🙂

i’ve spent a good 3 hours today reading…about photography and the lives of really neat people. so, that was fun. and productive to some extent. it’s the psychology in me. i’m interested in people, thats my excuse for spending 3 hours on the internet.

2 thoughts on “i get it honestly

  1. can i send you my laundry so you can do mine? i HATEEEEEEEEE folding laudry. as we speak i have a pile of clean clothes on the floor. ugh.


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